About Me

* 19th Year Old Guy

* Single

* Freelance Designer

* Framework Design Lab

* Bandung, Indonesia

* gee_sucks@yahoo.com


§ 9 Responses to About Me

  • Aaron says:

    are you available for some freelance design work for my clothing line? Feel free to contact me via email.

  • bayou says:

    Hi’ Aaron ..
    Gw Bayou
    menurut petunjuk lu..
    kirim e-mail tuk minta vector lu…
    gw mau donk .. vector pack lu ..
    boleh ‘ron ?

    thanx ya ron…

  • Krisna says:

    dimana saya bisa mendownload vector pack anda bung???
    kagak nemu linknya

  • Krisna says:

    bisa kirim vectorpack anda ga bung???
    yg gratisan aja gpp

  • meiky prasetyo says:

    need vector….
    i have more resource…

  • NaTaS says:

    Hi there,

    I really like your artwork! Especially the NATAS design on deviantart as it’s my nickname (derived from my last name which is natale and my love for skateboarding) ;-] By the way, I also dig LOST! I was wondering if it were ok for you if I had it printed on a single shirt, just for personal use of course!? If so, could you send me the high resolution file?



  • rainier says:


    Please contact me..I want to get you for some freelance work..you are great

  • Victor says:

    I want your vector art

  • Mohammed says:

    hi bro can you send me some vectors please brother thank you
    im more then happy to share my vectors with you

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